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Is your business safe?

Every year businesses lose money because of accidents and incidents caused by poor health and safety standards.

Many accidents could be avoided with a little more knowledge, care and attention. To help small businesses meet their health and safety responsibilities, the Council's Environmental Health Team has produced a free advice booklet for small businesses.

Health and safety matters has been produced to help owners of small local businesses obtain an insight into what they need to do, The booklet provides simple guidance on safety topics including: risk assessment, first aid, insurance, health and safety, reporting accidents, young people, control of hazardous substances, electricity, gas, noise, etc.

It also has handy charts and checklists to help businesses analyse the potential hazards in their company and reduce the risk of injury.

The guide also contains contact information that may be of help to local businesses in our area.

Health & Safety Matters is also available from the Council Offices, Oxted.

Additional internet advice for small businesses is available at: