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Food safety in Council run premises

The Food Safety Act 1990 requires a food authority to inspect food businesses within its area and to take action against the food business operator(s) to ensure food is safe and is produced in accordance with legal standards. Normally a food authority can take formal action under the Act or under subordinate legislation against a food business operator where the required standards are not being achieved. Formal action includes written warnings, serving formal notices, seizure of food, prohibition of activities and prosecution.

A Local Authority is regarded as a single legal personality and cannot take legal action against itself.

To ensure food safety all premises operated by this Authority are regularly inspected in accordance with national criteria. Where the contraventions observed are minor they are brought to the attention of the relevant unit manager for action within a specified time period.

Where action is not taken, or the inspection indicates serious contravention of food safety legislation or immediate risk to consumers the matter will be referred immediately in writing to the Chief Executive or relevant Chief Officer for prompt action.

The Council also operates an internal complaints system to ensure that complaints about the service are investigated.

Consumers can also complain to Surrey Trading Standards or the Local Government Ombudsman about unsatisfactory service.

Tandridge Leisure Pool and other facilities operated by Tandridge Leisure Limited are not subject to this guidance as they are not run directly by this Authority and formal action can be taken against them as with any other food business operator.