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Self inspection low risk food business

Tandridge District Council's Environmental Health Officers carry out food safety inspections of local businesses to ensure the safety of consumers. To reduce the burden of inspection on small businesses in our area who have traditionally handled low risk foods and to promote self regulation, we are have a self inspection questionnaire system to enable such businesses to provide information about their food safety measures and ask for further information on subjects of concern to them.

If we have contacted you to ask you to complete these forms we will have already decided that you are relatively low risk and your submission will be part of our alternative enforcement strategy and an inspection will not normally occur. The information you provide by completing the form will help us target our resources and may also be of help to you with this process if you do not already have a documented food safety system and wish to prepare one.

Self inspection form

To assist us to target our resources we ask you to complete one of the following forms.

The forms are designed to provide us with basic information on your business and how you protect consumers. Please ensure that you fill in all the answers.

If you have been asked to participate and do not submit the form, an inspector will need to visit to obtain the information. A small sample of those submitting a completed questionnaire will be visited to check the information submitted is accurate.

Any business included in the Food Hygiene Rating scheme will be visited to check that the information submitted is accurate, although the time for inspection should be considerably reduced.

If you are no longer operating a food business please complete the notification of material change electronic form or contact us.

If your business is a small catering or general local shop retail operation you may also want one of the Food Standards Agency documents:

  • Safer Food Better Business for caterers (there are some sector specific versions i.e Chinese, Indian, etc)
  • Safer Food Better Business for retailers
  • Safer Food Better Business for childminders

Safer Food Better Business

If you would like a free copy of the Safer Food Better Business packs to complete you can order this by calling 0845 606 0667 or e-mail Safer Food Better Business Order