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Take steps to move more

Released on: 31 March 2017

You don't always need an intense workout to get the benefits of exercise. Just 10 continuous minutes of brisk walking every day will get the heart pumping and leave you a little out of breath, making you feel better, happier more energetic.

Whether you're walking to work, taking a break at lunchtime, visiting the shops or taking the dog out, there are lots of ways you can fit ten minutes of brisk walking into your daily routine.

Plus there's no need to go to the gym, wear sportswear, or start expensive programmes to get the benefits of an active lifestyle. All you need is a pair of sensible shoes to get going.

There are lots of ways to make walking more fun. Take a look at the Explore Surrey website to find some great walks near where you live.

Staying motivated is often easier said than done, but the brand new Active 10 app will help by setting you goals and providing lots of tips and tricks to keep you going. It also tracks how much brisk walking you're doing and lets you know where you could build more into your day.

Visit the Healthy Surrey website to find out how to download the app and get more information on how walking can help improve your health.

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