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Planning department

The Planning Department seeks to ensure that the environment is protected from inappropriate and unneighbourly developments and that Tandridge is a safe and desirable place to live and work. The Council produces planning policies and guidelines which ensure the character, heritage and biodiversity of the District are conserved, the policies and guidelines are adopted by the Council and then used to assess proposals for new development.

The main Planning services provided are:

  • The Policy section is responsible for drawing up the policies that are set out in the Core Strategy and the Local Plan Part 2 -Detailed Policies.
  • The Trees section is responsible for making Tree Preservation Orders, processing applications to carry out works to protected trees and gives advice on the implications of development proposals on trees.
  • Decisions on planning applications are made by the Planning applications section, after extensive consultation with parish councils, residents and interested parties. Public speaking is allowed at committee meetings where the more major and contentious applications are determined.
  • The Planning enforcement section deals with breaches of planning control.
  • Building Control - this team is involved in ensuring proposed buildings are designed to be safe. As well as approving the constructional details of new buildings, officers carry out on-site inspections of building work to make sure it is being carried out in accordance with the Building Regulations. New buildings must be both structurally sound and provide a suitable means of escape in case of fire. The section also has responsibility for dealing with dangerous structures.

The Chief Planning Officer is Piers Mason.