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Committees, agenda and minutes

The eight main committees on which councillors sit and that carry out the detailed business of the council, are:

  • Community Services - refuse & recycling collection, environmental health, leisure, parks & open spaces, regulation of taxis, public toilets, street cleaning and other amenity services.
  • Housing - council housing, private sector housing conditions, provision of affordable housing and certain community care functions.
  • Licensing - determination of applications for licences relating to entertainment, sale of alcohol, gambling, street collections and certain other activities.
  • Overview & Scrutiny - consideration of audit reports, performance monitoring and scrutinising the Tandridge Community Safety Partnership.
  • Planning - determination of planning applications and enforcement action in response to breaches of development control. 
  • Planning Policy - preparation and review of Local Development Documents and other aspects of planning policy to influence and control the development and use of land. 
  • Resources - financial, risk management and IT strategies, governance regimes, asset management, staffing issues and electoral matters. 
  • Standards - councillors' code of conduct. 

These committees can make decisions on certain matters or make recommendations to the full Council. 

Meeting dates

See our Meetings calendar for dates and times of future meetings. All meetings are usually held at the Council Offices, Oxted from 7.30pm.

Agendas and minutes

Council agendas and minutes are published online - click on the relevant committee name and on a meeting date to view them. They are also available at our offices and local libraries. 

Attending a council meeting

You are welcome to attend Committee and Council meetings. You may also ask questions and present petitions at Committee or Council meetings. 

If you wish to speak at Planning Committees about a particular planning application you must follow specific arrangements.