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Key corporate priorities

Each year, the administration running the Council presents a set of Key Corporate Priorities to the Resources Committee. These are considered and endorsed. The aims of the Key Corporate Priorities are delivered through Committee Service Plans which set detailed core objectives for each of the Policy Committees.

The overall objective is to enable the Council to deliver efficient and effective services to the local community and enhance the quality of life for our residents.

Key Corporate Priorities for 2017/2018

 The Councils Key Corporate Objectives for 2017/2018 for making Tandridge a vibrant place to live, work and visit will be to:

  1.  provide high quality, customer friendly services;
  2.  make efficient and effective use of resources;
  3.  support residents and protect the local environment;
  4. work with local businesses to promote economic growth and employment; and
  5. work in partnership with other public services to deliver the best service possible.

 the top five priorities for achieving this in 2017/2018 we be to:

(a) implement the Customer First Strategy;

(b) implement a strategy for investing in land and property in order for the Council to remain financially viable and to create more affordable housing;

(c) progress the Local Plan process to Regulation 22 submission stage (i.e. to the Secretary of State for Examination);

(d) enhance the vitality and viability of town centres, including the adoption and implementation of a Caterham Master Plan, completing a review of parking in the District and working towards an Oxted regeneration scheme; and

(e) engage with multi-agency partners in order to facilitate flood prevention measures in Caterham.