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Tree preservation orders

A tree preservation order (TPO) - a written order made by a local planning authority - generally makes it an offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage or wilfully destroy a tree protected by that order without our written permission. A TPO can protect one or more trees in a given area. There are around 800 TPOs in Tandridge. 

If a tree is protected, an application must be made to us before most types of tree work are carried out. Our TPO guidelines explain how the system works in our district. The latest TPO regulations  affecting new and existing TPOs, were issued in 2012. 

Find out if a tree is protected and get hold of a copy of a TPO

Call us or check on our mapping system to see if a property, area of land or particular tree has a TPO on it or is within a Conservation Area. 

You can also download a copy of a TPO, which will include the legal document and a plan showing which trees are protected by the Order, from our mapping system. 

Apply for work to a protected tree  

If you want to carry out any work on a tree protected by a TPO, you must get permission from us first. You may also want to get advice from a tree expert before applying. In certain circumstances you will need to obtain expert advice to validate your application. 

Please apply for permission through the Planning Portal having first read the accompanying TPO Applications Guidance Notes before completing your application.

Alternatively if you would refer to apply on paper, please print out and complete the Application for tree works form and return it to us at the address given on the form. 

Once we have your valid application adjoining owners will be consulted for their views, which will be taken into account. Officers decide most applications although particularly controversial applications may also be referred to Committee. 

We aim to decide all applications within 8 weeks, unless we have agreed a longer timeframe with you. 

The Council will write to tell you whether permission has been granted or refused.

Carrying out the work 

Please use a reputable contractor with adequate insurance. The Arboricultural Association holds a register of approved contractors. 

Unsure if you need permission?

Please contact us if you want to carry out work on a tree you own, but are unsure if you need permission. You will need to e-mail or write to us enclosing a detailed plan of the position of the tree(s), the species (if known) and ask for details of any controls applying to the tree(s).