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Duty to Co-operate

The Council has adopted a Duty to Cooperate Framework Scoping Statement that sets out the strategic matters that it will need to discuss with other local authorities and other bodies. The Council consulted on this document before adopting it. The consultation responses have been taken into account in the adopted document.

The potential implications of the London Plan

Relevant to the review is the fact that the Mayor of London is undertaking a review of the London Plan and in January 2014 published his Further Alterations to the London Plan (FALP). The District Council was concerned that the London Plan cannot be delivered and that areas outside London will be faced with having to absorb more housing and that more should be done within London to meet the need.

The District Council made Comments on Further Alterations to the London Plan. The Inspector's report on the FALP has now been published and a key recommendation on housing is: 'the Mayor needs to explore options beyond the existing philosophy of the London Plan. That may, in the absence of a wider regional strategy to assess the options for growth and to plan and co-ordinate that growth, include engaging local planning authorities beyond the GLA’s boundaries in discussions regarding the evolution of our capital city.'

More information on the FALP can be found on the Greater London Authority web site.