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What will CIL monies be spent on

We have produced a list of infrastructure, known as a Regulation 123 List. This sets out what we intend to spend CIL monies on.

Bidding for CIL funds 

The Council will use CIL that it collects to fund the necessary infrastructure to support development across the District. The Regulation 123 Lists sets out what projects we plan to spend CIL on.

For schemes to be funded please note that they must meet the following criteria:

  •  The provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure; or
  • Anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area.

Application Process

The annual CIL receipt (minus the Parish Council’s neighbourhood portion and administration fee) is pooled into a centralised pot for the purpose of delivering strategic infrastructure/improvements on a district-wide basis. Infrastructure providers are invited to bid formally for the release of funds from this centralised pot via a formal application process, utilising the TDC Bidding FormOpen this document with ReadSpeaker docReader

The adopted two tier structure that will seek endorsement from the Planning Policy Committee to agree the money:

a)     TDC Officers to liaise with the infrastructure providers and identify infrastructure projects; this will also be achieved via an open bidding system available to service providers from April to the end of June every year.

b)    The Local Plan Working Group to consider which projects will be supported by CIL funds.

The Local Plan Working Group’s recommendations would then be reported to the Planning Policy Committee in September of every year for approval. This will allow public scrutiny of spending proposals.

We encourage service providers to submit their bids if you have a project in mind for the Council to consider. However, please note that as the CIL Regulation does not require the strategic fund to be spent within this financial year, if you have a project in mind, but not for the immediate future, we would welcome hearing from you. It would be beneficial to know what projects are planned and may be considered for the next round of bidding.