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CIL Charges

Are outline applications liable for the levy?

Outline planning permissions granted after the date the CIL Charging Schedule comes into effect, will be liable to pay CIL when the development is built, but as the liability is calculated at Reserved Matters stage there is no need to submit any CIL forms with the outline application. If an outline application includes phasing of development, each phase is treated as a separate development for the purpose of paying CIL. As above, the CIL liability for each phase is calculated at reserved matters stage for that phase.

It should also be noted that if a scheme is granted outline planning permission before the CIL implementation date, the subsequent approval of reserved matters will not trigger a liability for CIL.

How much will I have to pay?

Eligible developments that receive planning permission from 1 December 2014, will be charged in accordance with the rates set out in the Tandridge District CIL Charging Schedule.  The amount payable is calculated when planning permission is granted.  A CIL Calculation Tool to work out the potential charge for your development and let you know what application forms are required for your planning application can be downloaded.

CIL Indexation

CIL liable consents granted in December 2014 will not be liable to indexation, however consents granted after 1 January 2015 will be indexed.  The index we must use is the national All-in Tender Price Index published by the Build Cost Information Service (BCIS).

Relief from CIL

Relief from CIL is available for Social Housing, Self-Build Housing (including extensions and annexes) and Charitable Development. Detailed information on the processes for claiming this relief is contained in the Planning Practice Guidance.

Further information and examples of calculating Social Housing and Charitable relief are shown below:

What happens if I do not pay the charge?

Unlike Section 106 obligations, CIL payment is mandatory and non-negotiable. If you do not pay on time;

  • you will be subject to a penalty without further notification
  • any agreement for you to pay by instalments will be withdrawn

There are strong enforcement powers and penalties for failure to pay, including Stop Notices, surcharges and prison terms. Further information is available Guidance Note 4 - CIL Penalties and Surcharges.