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If my CIL application is granted what happens next

If my application is granted, what happens next?

Liability Notice:We will issue a Liability Notice with the planning Notice of Decision. This says how much CIL is payable.

The following must be completed prior to commencement of development 

Assumption of Liability Notice: The person(s) responsible for paying CIL must send us an Assumption of Liability Notice before commencement. If not, the charge will default to the owner of the land and there may be additional costs. If you are submitting an application and will be responsible for paying the CIL, you can submit this Notice with the CIL Question Form.

Commencement Notice: This must be sent to us with the date that development will commence. If we do not receive a Commencement Notice a penalty will be added and full payment will be due immediately.

In accordance with regulations 42B(6), 47 (7), 51 (7) (a) or 54 (6) of the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended) failure to submit a prior CIL commencement notice will invalidate any exemption or relief granted.

For avoidance of doubt commencement of demolition of existing structure(s) covering any part of the footprint of the proposed structure(s) would be considered as commencement for the purpose of regulation 7.

The CIL regulations state that a valid commencement notice must be submitted no later than the day before the day on which the chargeable development is to be commenced. The Council will issue a letter of acknowledgement once it has received a commencement notice. It is highly recommended that you should submit a commencement notice at least 14 days before commencement in order that you receive your letter of acknowledgement before work is commenced on site. Should you not receive the letter of acknowledgement you should contact the Council before commencing any work on site, in order that you do not invalidate any exemption or relief granted. The Council will not accept a copy of the commencement notice submitted on or after the commencement date.

Claim for relief form: Must be submitted prior to commencement.

Demand Notice:The Council will then issue a Demand Notice for the CIL payment.