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Monitoring reports and housing supply

An annual Authority's Monitoring Report (AMR) is required to be published each year.

The period covered by each report must commence from the end of the previous report. The Local Planning Regulations 2012 set out the information which must be contained in the report. This includes information on the timing and preparation of documents in the Local Development Scheme; information on the adoption of any local plan or supplementary planning document in the reporting period; and information setting out where a local plan policy is not being implemented and the reasons why. The report is also required to specify the number of dwellings, including affordable dwellings, completed in the monitoring period and since the adoption of the relevant policy. The report is useful in monitoring the progress in implementing the Local Plan.

 This the following AMRs are available:

Housing supply

The Council publishes a Housing Five Year Supply Statement which sets out the current supply of housing in relation to the Core Strategy requirement.