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Advertising policy

Planning policy

Local Plan ›

Documents available for the Local Plan: Sites Consultation which will start once agreed by the Planning Policy Committee on 31 October.

Current policy ›

Information about the areas policies.

Emerging policy ›

Documents and strategies related to future planning in the district, including the Local Plan.

Neighbourhood planning ›

Parish councils planning policy documents.

Evidence based studies ›

Evidence documents which are used in developing planning policy, including our Local Plan issues and approaches.

Planning consultations ›

Details of all our consultations.

Planning Policy Maps ›

Maps with links to Local Plan and Core Strategy policies and minerals areas.

Monitoring reports and housing supply ›

Monitoring reports and housing supply.

Self Build Register ›

Find out about a local register of people looking to buy plots of land to commission or build their own home, to support aspiring self and custom builders in their area.