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Parking accounts and parking spaces 2015

Below we give a breakdown of the income and expenditure of our parking account. 

Income 2014/2015 

The income for 2014/2015 was:

Off street car parking charges £51,345.46
Penalty charge Notices £44.330.25
Total £95.675.71

Expenditure 2014/2015 

The expenditure for 2014/2015 was £222,888.77. There was no surplus.

Information about on-street parking is available at Highways and transport - parking open data including income and expenditure and how any surplus has been spent, as well as on and off street PCNS issued in Surrey 2013-2014.

Parking reports are available at Road and Transport. 

Parking spaces

Local councils must publish the number of marked out and on and off street parking spaces within their area.

On street – provided by the Highways Authority Surrey County Council.

Off street – controlled spaces provided by Tandridge District Council car parks.

Ordinary spaces 558
Disabled spaces 24
Motorcycle spaces 12
Mother and Baby spaces 2
Total 596


Further information on Parking Spaces is available at Parking