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Meals on wheels

Are meals available in all areas of the district?

Depending on where you live, you will either receive a hot Apetito meal packed at the Douglas Brunton Centre and delivered to your door by a volunteer or by our mobile Apetito service. A full five-day hot meals service is available and frozen meals are available for weekends and Bank Holidays.

The Lingfield area (including Lingfield, Dormansland, Felcourt and Crowhurst) is covered by a voluntary project, which offers a freshly cooked meal service on Mondays to Thursdays only.

Who is eligible?

We are only able to accept referrals for meals on wheels from a GP, social worker, district nurse, health visitor or hospital. In exceptional circumstances we can accept family and self referrals.

Clients must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Housebound and unable to shop for a meal.
  • Unable to cook for themselves.
  • At risk of malnutrition, not motivated to cook.
  • Unaware of time and /or need for regular meals, where there is clear evidence of confusion.

How much does it cost?

Meals supplied from the Douglas Brunton Centre and the mobile Apetito service cost £4.60 including dessert (1st April 2017). Special meals are available for Diabetic, vegetarian and special dietary requirements. There may be an increased fee for some special diets. Regrettably, personal preferences cannot always be catered for.

An additional teatime meal service is also available. For an extra £3.60 per day (1st April 2017), a sandwich, cold drink, biscuit or cake and fruit or yoghurt can be delivered with your lunch delivery. Please contact the Douglas Brunton Centre for more details or complete an application form here Meals on Wheels Referral.

The price of meals supplied by the Lingfield voluntary project is set by the Volunteer Committee. Information about this particular scheme can be obtained by phoning 07504 481289.

More information

For more information please see the Meals on Wheels leaflet  or contact the Douglas Brunton Centre on 01883 347230, e-mail: