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Money and debt advice

If you are struggling to make ends meet, here is some advice on how to start dealing with your debt:

  • Draw up a list of all the companies and people you owe money to, how much and who you need to pay first.
  • List all the income and expenses for your household. Be honest and make sure the amounts are realistic.
  • Sort out your priority debts such as mortgage, rent, fuel, council tax, income tax. Don't ignore letters or phone calls from these organisations. Get in touch with them as early as possible and explain why you are in debt. Try to agree a repayment plan.
  • Work out how to deal with your non-priority debts. This will depend on whether you have any money left over from dealing with your priority debts and paying for essential expenses like food.
  • Facing possession proceedings? Don't panic, get advice. Court proceedings do not mean you will automatically lose your home. Attend the court hearing. Reigate Court has a CAB advice desk which can provide assistance on the day.

Help with debt, housing and benefits