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Demolition notices

What is a demolition notice?

A demolition notice is used to tell tenants and leaseholders that we plan to demolish their home in the future and explains why this is necessary.

Demolition notices come in two stages:

  • Initial Demolition Notices (IDNs) are issued when the council wants to demolish a property, but has not set a date for that to happen.
  • Final Demolition Notices (FDNs) replace Initial Demolition Notices and are issued when the council sets a date for the demolition to take place.

How long are demolition notices valid for?

  • Initial Demolition Notices are valid for five years and can't be reissued within five years, unless the Secretary of State gives permission.
  • If a Final Demolition Notice has not been issued in the five year period, everybody affected will be told that the Initial Demolition Notice is no longer valid and why.
  • Final Demolition Notices are valid for two years.

In both cases, the notice will clearly state the period it is valid for.

How does this affect my Right to Buy?

You can still make a Right to Buy application when an Initial Demolition Notice affecting your home is in place, but the process may be suspended until either a Final Demolition Notice has been served, or the Initial Demolition Notice ceases.

When a Final Demolition Notice is in force, all existing or future Right to Buy applications can be refused.

If an Initial Demolition Notice is issued, you can ask for compensation for professional fees and expenses you may have paid. You will need to make this claim within three months of the serving of either notice.

What does a notice include?

Every demolition notice should:

  • Identify the properties affected by it.
  • Detail why those properties have been earmarked for demolition.
  • Give a broad timescale for when the properties will be demolished.
  • Have an end date.
  • Explain about the right to compensation under Section 138C of the Housing Act 1985 for expenditure relating to existing Right to Buy applications.

There are no demolition notices affecting our properties at present.

We will publicise any demolition notices in the local press and on our website.