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What help can you expect from the council

If you are concerned that there is a threat you may lose your accommodation, please use our housing advice self-help tool to establish what assistance is available to you. This may include contacting the council for further advice. 

Housing Advice

We provide information and services to those people experiencing housing problems. This ranges from advice and assistance to those who are having problems maintaining their current accommodation, to practical help to those who have to leave their current home or who have no accommodation that is suitable for their needs. The earlier you contact us the better chance you have of resolving your problem, or the more options we are likely to be able to offer you. If you contact us and we consider you are eligible for assistance, you will be booked in for an interview with one of our Homelessness Prevention Team within 10 days.

If you are homeless and have nowhere to stay that night the duty officer will be available to see you the same day It is vital that you cooperate with the officer and understand that you will need to take responsibility for helping yourself resolve your housing situation.

Interview and assessment

In the interview you will be given the opportunity to explain your current situation, the officer will then assess this to see what action needs to be taken. You will need to bring all your relevant documents (as stated in you appointment letter) to ensure we have all the right information for your case.

You will be advised what documents you need to bring before the interview.


Referrals into the private rented sector

If applicable, the officer can also refer you to our Private Sector Access Scheme (if you have dependent children) or to our partner organisation NextStep. These services provide assistance with finding suitable private rented accommodation. They also operate rent deposit bond schemes for those who have shown they cannot afford the deposit necessary to secure accommodation.


Emergency accommodation

In certain circumstances, we can provide you with emergency accommodation (see our ‘who we can help’ page). Emergency accommodation will usually be at our hostel but could be outside of the district due to limited availability of emergency housing within the district.  You may be moved again at a later date into temporary accommodation. This may be until your case is fully investigated and a decision made with regards to what duty (if any) the Council has to provide accommodation for you. If the Council accepts a homeless duty to your household, you will be provided with temporary accommodation until the Council’s duty comes to an end.  The duty will usually end when you are given one suitable offer of permanent accommodation in either the private sector or social sector. If you refuse the offer then the Council will also end its duty to you under homeless legislation.


If we do not have a duty to accommodate you

If we do not have a duty under a homeless legislation to accommodate you, we will not be able to offer you any accommodation. However, we will provide you with appropriate advice and assistance to help you find accommodation yourself.

However, we will equip you with the relevant information and guidance to help you secure your own accommodation. If applicable, we can also refer you to hostels or supported accommodation.


Further Information 

Our leaflet Homeless- What help can I get from the council explains in more detail.