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Temporary accommodation

Below is a summary of what you can expect if you have made an application to this Council as homeless. If you would like to see the full document that explains what the Council's obligations are as well as explaining the different types of temporary accommodation the Council uses, please read our Temporary Accommodation Information Booklet.

Accommodation during enquiries

If the Housing Needs Officer (HNO) dealing with your homeless application has enough reason to believe you may be homeless and in priority need, they should ensure you have accommodation to occupy until they have completed their enquiries into your application. This may involve negotiating with your landlord to allow you to remain beyond your notice date, asking you whether you have anyone you can stay with on a short term basis; or securing emergency accommodation for you, whichever is most appropriate.

Accommodation following acceptance

If this Council accepts responsibility for housing you as homeless, you will be provided with temporary accommodation until the Council is able to make you a private sector offer or you are successful in bidding for a property through the Council's Housing Register, unless the duty ends for another reason. 

Accommodation following a decision of 'intentionally homeless'

If you are found to be homeless intentionally, the Council's duty to provide you with temporary accommodation is limited. You are entitled to advice and assistance with looking for other accommodation, but you will be expected to show evidence of the efforts you are making to find alternative accommodation.

Types of temporary accommodation

The Council may use different types of accommodation dependent on the size of your household, any special needs you may have and the availability of accommodation at the time you require it.

Private rented accommodation

Through the Private Sector Access Scheme, the Council is able to arrange with private landlords for homeless households to take on tenancies of suitable accommodation in the private sector. Before offering you such accommodation, we will ensure that you can afford it.

Can I appeal against the temporary accommodation offered to me?

You can always talk to your Housing Needs Officer of any concerns you have, but you need to be realistic about the availability of accommodation.

There is no statutory right of appeal against the suitability of the accommodation offered to you while the Council is investigating your application. However, once you have received a decision on your application, you can appeal against the suitability of the temporary accommodation offered to you. To request a review of the suitability of your temporary accommodation you should write to The Housing Needs Manager, Housing Needs, Council Offices, Station Road East, Oxted RH8 0BT, giving full reasons for your request.

Advice agencies

Further advice and assistance on your circumstances is available from the following independent advice organisations:

Brighton Road
Crawley RH10 6AD

Tel. 0344 515 1749

Citizen Advice Bureau - Caterham
Soper Hall
Harestone Valley Road
Caterham Surrey

Tel. 01883 348385

Citizen Advice Bureau - Oxted
1st Floor Oxted Library
12 Gresham Road
Tel: 01883 715525