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Preventing Homelessness Strategy

The Council has a legal duty to conduct a Homelessness Review from which a revised and updated Preventing Homelessness Strategy is derived every five years. Preventing Homelessness Strategies seek to deliver improved and improving services to anyone in the local area, who is genuinely homeless or threatened with homelessness, regardless of whether they may be owed the main statutory homelessness duty or not.

We monitor progress against the action plan and are reviewing overall progress annually. A summary of our achievements to date and plans for the coming year have ben produced in our Annual Position Statement 2016.  

This strategy was also scrutinised through the Equality Impact Assessment process.

The Government issued 10 Local Authority Challenges, known as the Gold Standard for Homelessness, following the work of the Ministerial Working Group on Homelessness. All local authorities are encouraged to apply for gold standard accreditation.

We have decided not to apply immediately. Officers have decided to begin this process, which involves a peer review and formal accreditation in 2016. To prepare for this process, we have modelled the action plan of the Preventing Homelessness Strategy on the 10 Local Authority Challenges.