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Home Loss and Disturbance Payment Policy

Under section 29 of the Land Compensation Act 1973, Councils are legally obliged to pay home loss payments to those who qualify and may make discretionary payments in other prescribed situations.

Home Loss is compensation for the loss of a claimant’s home as a result of certain actions by their landlord, the Council. This payment is designed to compensate for the loss of their home and to cover the reasonable costs associated with moving (i.e removals etc.) and sits alongside a requirement for the Council to provide the resident with suitable alternative accommodation.

This principally applies to situations where a landlord needs to move tenants from their home and they are not able to return due to redevelopment or where it is not practical or reasonable for a resident to return to their property, due to policy decisions of the Council. These are often termed ‘Permanent Decants’.

It does not apply if tenants are able to return to their principal home , for example where tenants have the option of returning once redevelopment is complete. In these circumstances it is within the Council’s discretion to assist the move by making a payment, which would cover the cost of removals, reconnections and other requirements directly associated with the move itself. These payments are referred to as disturbance payments.

For further information, please read our Home Loss and Disturbance Payment Policy.