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Licensing houses in multiple occupation


Tandridge District Council are not currently planning to licence all properties which are available for rent, we do however licence HMOs and information on this process is below.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) comprising three or more storeys and occupied by five or more persons (comprising of at least two households, sharing a kitchen, bathroom or toilet) must be licensed to ensure they are safe for the occupants. The licensing process will assess whether the property has adequate fire precautions, proper standards and amenities.

You can apply for the licence electronically.

Financial penalties can be imposed on the owners of properties that are not notified to the Council.

Storeys include basements and attics if they are occupied, including by a resident landlord, or have been converted for occupation or which are in use in connection with the HMO. Commercial premises on the ground or any upper floor are also included in the calculation of the number of stories, but not basements in purely commercial use.

Persons mean anyone occupying the property as their only or main residence. There is no distinction between children and adults, meaning children are counted from birth.

It is proposed to extend mandatory licensing so that instead of all HMOs with three or more storeys and five or more occupiers needing to be licensed, the criteria will become five or more occupiers regardless of the number of storeys. This is likely to come into force in the autumn of 2017.