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Tenancy conditions

Your Conditions of Tenancy set out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. They also provide advice on:

  • Transferring your tenancy.
  • Subletting.
  • Succession.
  • Going away.
  • Losing your tenancy.
  • Rent and service charges.
  • Which repairs you are responsible for and which the Council is responsible for.
  • Alterations and improvements.
  • Pets, parking, gardens and refuse.
  • Behaving in a neighbourly fashion.
  • Consultation and how you can get involved in decision making. 

The Council is undertaking a review of its Conditions of Tenancy to ensure that the terms reflect changes in legislation and allow the Council to deal with tenants concerns effectively.  If you have any comments regarding the current Conditions of Tenancy or would like to make suggestions as to what should be included in the revision, please contact the Estates Manager, Simon Beasley on 01883 732809 or alternatively email

Tenancy Conditions booklet