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Mutual Exchanges

Most council tenants have the right to exchange with tenants of other councils and housing associations. This is known as a Mutual Exchange. If you want to move to another property or area it can often be quicker to arrange an exchange than wait for a transfer. You can find out more in our Mutual Exchanges information booklet.

Once you have found someone to exchange properties with, you will need to apply in writing to your landlord for permission by completing a Mutual Exchange application form. You must not exchange properties with anyone without getting written permission from both landlords. 

swapandmove is an easy-to-use online home swap service that helps you to exchange your home either locally or nationally.  It’s easy to swap and move… Visit to register.  Enter the details of your current home and the home you want. 

Registration is free for Tandridge District Council tenants. For more information click on the swapandmove banner below.


     swapandmove banner


Other online exchange sites

There are also a number of online communities for tenants looking to exchange homes. These are websites where people can post property details and others can reply with offers of exchange. Some of these sites are free, but you must register before being allowed access to messages. Others charge a small admin fee or offer premium membership services in addition to their free service.

These sites are not associated with this Council, they are set up and run by private organisations or members of the public. If you experience any problems with these sites you must contact the website direct and not the Council, as we will be unable to help you. You should always be careful when putting personal information on any website and be sure to read the privacy policy before use.