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Assisted purchase scheme

The Assisted Purchase Scheme enables local councils to give grants to their tenants to help them buy accommodation in the private sector.

Who qualifies for this scheme?

Secure tenants of Tandridge District Council with at least five years tenancy who want to buy, or acquire a joint interest in, a property on the open market which is to become their main home. Vacant possession of the council property will be required upon completion of the purchase.

What sort of property can you buy?

You can buy a property anywhere in the United Kingdom, provided it does not exceed the current limits outlined in the Assisted Purchase Scheme Booklet 

What is the amount of the grant available?

This depends upon the size of the property you are vacating. Grants range from £12,000 for a one bedroom property to £20,000 for a four bedroom property.

How will your application be assessed?

Before any purchase is completed you must ensure there are no debts outstanding to the Council and prove your ability to maintain a mortgage by providing details of income and savings. The Council must be satisfied your present accommodation has been kept in a reasonable condition and is suitable for immediate re-letting.

You should not look for a property until you have been accepted onto the scheme. Once you have received a grant under this scheme you are expected to meet all your future housing needs without further help from this Council.

How to apply

Please complete the Assisted purchase scheme application form or contact us as described below.