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Maintenance and improvements

As well as carrying out day-to-day repairs, we have an ongoing programme where we plan maintenance and improvement work to our properties. This includes work such as:

  • Installing new or replacement central heating systems
  • Installing replacement central heating boilers
  • Carrying out annual gas safety checks and servicing Council owned gas appliances
  • Installing new double glazing or upgrading existing installations
  • Renewing kitchens and bathrooms
  • Electrical re-wiring work
  • Major structural repairs
  • Renewing roofs
  • Thermal insulation improvements
  • Major structural repairs
  • External decoration every five years

You will find more information in our Tenants guide to repairs, maintenance and improvements booklet.

Every year the money available has to be divided between the various types of planned works. We ensure the properties most in need get work done first.

We undertake regular condition surveys of our housing stock to help us identify future programmes of work. This also ensures our properties are maintained in accordance with the government's required standards.

Before we carry out any planned maintenance or improvement work, we will consult with you to tell you what we are planning. Unless the work is needed for maintenance or safety reasons, you will be able to choose whether or not you want to have it done.

New kitchen

Once we have awarded the contract for the works, we will write and tell you the name of the contractor and when the contract is due to start and finish. We will also send you a copy of our contractor's code of conduct. This outlines the standards of behaviour and workmanship you have a right to expect from our contractors.

During the course of the work, we will inspect to check on the progress and quality of work. Once the work is finished, we will send you a customer satisfaction survey so you can tell us what you think of the work.

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