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Apprentices discount

We disregard, or do not count, apprentices when calculating Council Tax payments. To qualify for this an apprentice must be:

  • Employed for the purpose of learning a trade, business, profession, employment or vocation.
  • Undertaking a training programme for that purpose, which will lead to an NVQ.
  • Employed at a salary or receiving an allowance or both, which are in total substantially less than the salary they would get if they had achieved the qualification and no more than £195 before tax per week.

Complete a discount application form and send us copies of the following the evidence if you think you qualify:

  • The Indentures of Apprenticeship.
  • The signed agreement between the apprentice and employer showing the terms of the apprenticeship.
  • The last five weeks or two months wage slips (please note a statement or letter from the employer will not be acceptable).