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Supplier's charter statement

Suppliers providing, or wishing to provide, goods or services to Tandridge District Council have a right to:

  • An equal and fair opportunity to compete for business. This will be on the basis of the principles of European Union (EU) purchasing legislation. Competitions will be publicly advertised, as appropriate, by use of one or more of the following:
    - the Official Journal of the European Union
    - the South East Shared Services e-sourcing Portal is available here South East Shared Services 
    - Tandridge Website
    - local/national press
  • Full information on the timetable for each procurement, the process to be used and mandatory requirements will be provided to all those responding to the appropriate advertisement.
  • Non-discriminatory specifications setting out customer requirements and incorporating International, EU or British standards, or equivalent, as appropriate.
  • The opportunity to propose innovative cost effective alternatives, if appropriate, which satisfy specifications.
  • Encouragement to deliver goods and services which are environmentally friendly.
  • A fair evaluation of competitive bids taking account of pre-determined criteria, for example, quality, service, price, economic advantage. All bidders will be kept informed on the progress of evaluation which will be conducted as quickly as possible.
  • Notification of the outcome of competitions in which they have an interest. Appropriate contract award notices will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union.
  • Feedback, to be given on request, where a bid has been unsuccessful. De-briefing will include reasons for failure, while respecting commercial confidences.
  • Prompt payment as required by government and contractual obligations. Invoices should be paid within 30 days of receipt. TDC is a signatory to the Government's Prompt Payment Code.
  • Expect courtesy and respect and all enquiries to be dealt with promptly, efficiently and to the highest professional standard.
  • Expect Contract Management through the monitoring of contracts, and agreed methods for feedback from the Council. The monitoring and feedback process to be agreed with the supplier at the initiation of the contract.
  • The Council's key objectives / priorities include areas that are central to procurement. Suppliers to the council need to be fully aware of these. Tandridge DC expects suppliers to bid based on high quality and low costs. We will normally try to repeat business with suppliers who deliver on time and to specification.

What Tandridge expects from suppliers:

  • We will try to aggregate business for a supplier to obtain bulk or other discount facilities from the manufacturer and will normally expect a bulk or discount price facility to be available where this is reasonable.
  • In the event of a problem with delivery or quality of goods or services supplied we will expect a positive and helpful response from suppliers.
  • Businesses are expected to operate within good employer practices at all times when on contracts for the Council including health and safety and equality.
  • Business to be conducted in an open and transparent manner at all times.
  • Understanding that the Freedom of Information Act applies to all public bodies and therefore information supplied to the Council may become public (not withstanding any exclusions through commercial confidentiality)
  • Businesses to act with integrity and in a professional manner with all dealings with the Council, its representatives or the users of a service as appropriate, when liaising over matters pertaining to the contract.
  • To retain adequate insurance and professional certificates where required to carry out the business of the contract.
  • To tender based on realistic quality and cost levels. Suppliers should consider entire costs Including administrative and seek to keep these low when considering tendering for a contract from the Council.
  • Contract management from the supplier to ensure level of performance and or quality are maintained throughout the contract. Where slippage is detected through Council feedback steps are taken to rectify the situation in agreement with the Council.
  • To consider signing the Prompt Payment Code Prompt Payment Code to help spread good practice and pass on the benefits of being a recipient of the Council's own undertaking.
  • Tandridge District Council does not normally authorise suppliers to use the Tandridge District Council Logo as this could imply that the Council endorses their products or service. Use of our logo may be authorised by prior agreement with the Council, and would need to be included within the terms of the contract. Naming the Council on a list of customers is however acceptable.