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Dangerous structures

If you think a structure or building may be dangerous, please use the contact form or call us during office hours on 01883 732852 or out of hours on 01883 722000.   

dangerousstructureTandridge District Council and specifically the Building Control department has a statutory duty to ensure all structures in the district reported as dangerous, where necessary, are made safe.

What is a dangerous structure?

The term dangerous structure not only applies to buildings or parts of them (such as loose slates or tiles), but also garden walls or hoardings. It can be any structure which could endanger people. 

What we do

We may be notified of a potential dangerous structure by residents, the police, fire or other emergency services.
The Building Control department has a duty rota of surveyors who are on call day and night to deal with these situations.

On being notified of a potential dangerous structure, our surveyor visits site to inspect the structure and will advise what action should be taken to remove it, stipulating a time scale within which the danger must be removed.

Should the danger not be removed, we have legal rights to require the owner to remedy the defects. If the structure is considered immediately dangerous and likely to collapse, the owner will need to arrange for a contractor to remove or repair the structure as soon as possible, normally on the same day. If the owner cannot be identified or contacted, action will then be taken to remove the danger by:

  • excluding people from within or around the structure
  • propping or shoring the structure
  • demolishing the structure
  • making temporary repairs

The costs for this work will be charged to the owner of the building and the situation will be monitored until the danger is removed. In cases where the building or structure is listed as being of special historic or architectural interest, or is unoccupied within a conservation area, Tandridge District Council has the responsibility to ensure its preservation, as well as consideration for health and safety.