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Search building regs applications


Search online for building regulations applications submitted to us as well as Competent Persons Scheme records and Initial Notices.

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How to use our free online search facility

You can carry out a preliminary search for building regulation applications for properties in the Tandridge District from 1994 onwards using our search facility.

You can also search for Competent Persons Scheme records from 2006 onwards. These records include installation of windows/doors, gas appliances or electrics (Part P). View a list of the current Competent Persons Schemes.

There are two ways to search by address or application number.

The results returned do not include scanned copies of building regulations documents as these are not publicly available on our website and alos be aware that the history for applications submitted prior to 2006 may not be complete because of the way data was input at that time.

Once you have carried out your preliminary online search, if you would like to obtain free copies of specific building regulations approval documents or completion certificates please complete the online search enquiry form or e-mail us with address and application number details and we will respond within five working days.

Manual building regulations search

If you would prefer us to carry out the search for you please complete the online e-mail us and we can search back up to 15 years, for any applications relating to the property and return our findings together with any relevant documents within five working days.

Search enquiries by post or DX

If you would like to send your search enquiry by post, please write to us at: Customer Services, Tandridge District Council, Council Offices, Station Road East, Oxted RH8 0BT or DX : Tandridge District Council DX 39359 Oxted